Is Your Relationship Feeling Strained?

Is Your Relationship Feeling Strained?

Break down communication barriers by working with a relationship coach

Have you and your spouse been fighting lately? Are you having trouble communicating with your teenager? It’s time to find peace in your relationships.

Lighthouse Life Coaching offers relationship coaching for people seeking happiness in their:

  • Romantic relationships
  • Parent/child relationships
  • Friendships

Coach Mitzi will help you develop healthier communication techniques and strategies for finding fulfillment. Start by scheduling a free initial consultation today.

Get the help you need to sustain your relationships

Our goal is to help you develop healthier relationships by targeting things that get in the way of effective communication. This can involve helping you:

  • Resolve conflicts
  • Deal with past trauma
  • Work through transitions
  • Break down defensive barriers
  • Learn forgiveness and understanding
  • Find acceptance in your relationship

Ready to enjoy a healthier relationship through relationship coaching? Call 318-480-0779 now to make an appointment with a certified coach.